I have not been in this group for very long. My crab was in a 2.5 gallon tank with about two inches of Ecoearth in the tank. I knew barely anything. Almost instantly when i joined I found out everything I did wrong. When i read the files  I realized they’re so organized and very easy to understand. This group is so nice and I don’t see any arguments, ever. Every time anyone has an issue, they get feedback back almost immediately. The people here are genuinely nice, and lots of groups will mislead you, but not this group. I just want to thank youRead More →


Hello, my name is Simon! I found out about this website about a year ago, and made my account last summer. I like the usage of helpful information posted through many of the helpful guides and informational links they have on their website! I have also enjoyed the fact that they open contests for anyone to enter their crabby pictures in for prizes given out to the winners of each contest. I recommend this website to newcomers that are looking to seek help with their crabitat and hermit crabs! 🙂Read More →